The House of Wax has been entered times, by those just as strange as myself.

Cathina Johnson
2224-A Birch
Kansas City, KS 66106
United States

About    ME!

 Hi!  Thanks for visiting my page.  There's a lot to know about me,
 and not much time to get to know it all.  Let me start by telling you
 the basics:
 Name:  Cathina Noel Johnson (I was supposed to be an X-mas baby)
 DOB:   November 16, 1977
 Age:   19, 20 this November
 Looks: See for yourself when I get a picture up.
 My interests include reading, writing (lymerics are not my strong point),
 ISCA (a BBS), working, hanging out with my friends, and just surviving
 from day to day.  It's not often easy, but I manage it somehow. 
 There's nothing really remarkable about me.  I'm not a student; I dropped
 out of college twice because I just couldn't take it.  I'm working full-
 time right now to save the money to move to Maryville, Mo, with my best
 friend, Beverly.  I go to therapy to deal with issues revolving around
 childhood sexual abuse, but I think I'm normal.  At least, my therapist
 hasn't tried to institionalize me yet.  YET being the operative word, there.
 I'm not in a relationship right now, though I am madly in love with someone
 who lives in Iowa City, Iowa.  I won't name any names, but he knows who he
 is.  Don't you?  Anyway, that's basically my life.  If you want to know anything 
 else, e-mail me, write me, or wait until I add more to this page.

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