Some Great Links
Listed Alphabetically

To get to a link, click on the website name. Simple as that! Happy Browsing!


Tarot Information for readings and interpretations.

Smilin' Jack's Airport Page links to airline homepages, organizations, airports and teaching facilities.


Cyberkids for all sorts of links and info just for kids.
The Children's Page has stories such as The Land of Oz, The Greenworld of Frog, and others.
Web Surfin' @ Kid's Corner has all sorts of things to help kids get started on surfing the web.

Colleges and Universities
American Universities provides extensive links to many of the US's universities and colleges.
Central Missouri State University is best known for it's education program.
Kansas State University is a university that is not only well known, but is practically in my backyard.
Missouri Western State College is a college that is in St. Joseph, Missouri, not too far from Kansas City.
The Ambitious Student's Guide to Financial Aid is just what it sounds like: a guide to financial aid.


Web Server for the Visually Impaired. It's hard to find websites on/for the disabled, but this one might help.

More to come, really!