You made it to page 3!!

Thanks for sticking with me to page 3.  I'm trying to add a page a day,
so that if you check my page every day, you'll see something new.  Well,
I imagine that I'll eventually run out of things to say, but then I can
just start to copy books in here.  I'll have you reading Anna Karenina in
no time!  Just kidding, really, I wouldn't suject anyone to that.

Anyway, since you're still reading, I'm going to assume that you're interested
in reading some more stuff about me.  And so I'm going to tell you.  Let
me start at the very beginning.  I was born on November 16, 1977 to my proud
(so they say) parents, Ron and Kathy Johnson, and to one brother, Ron Jr.  Ron Jr.
was five years and some odd months older than me.  I was born at 5:56 p.m.
at Truman Medical Center West in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  My
parents were living in Grandview, Missouri, about 17 miles south of KC, at the
time, managing a small apartment complex.  Shortly after I was born, we
moved from Grandview and went somewhere else; my memory fails me.  I can't
seem to remember where it was.  Anyway, by the time I was 4, we were back
at Grandview, and my parents were once again managing the Belvidere Square
Apartments.  I went to Belvidere Elementary School for 7 years, Grandview
East Junior High for 2 years, and Grandview High School for 4 years.  I
graduated from GHS in the top half of my class (with a 2.8; makes you wonder
what the other half of the class had) in 1996.

My life in Grandview was anything but spectacular.  Things happened (like 
the sexual abuse/rape/incest/whatever you want to call it), but nothing
ever got my family down.  We always looked to humor to get us through.
Truth be known, that's why I'm so whacked today.  Anyway, after I graduated
from GHS, I worked for the summer, and in August of '96, I went to college
at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri, about 2 and 
a half hours north of KC.  I made it there until October of '96, when the
manic depression that had plagued me for years, unbeknownst to my family, 
finally caught up with me.  I dropped out to go home and seek therapy so
that I could return to school in January.  At the time, I sincerely thought
that college was something I wanted.  

Once I got home, my mother, a diabetic who had withstood many amputations over
4 years, decided to have the below-the-knee amputation she'd been putting
off.  She went into the hospital on November 5, 1996, to have the surgery.
That weekend, we found out that she had lost her job of 16 years because
of this amputation.  Since we were on-site managers, we not only lost our job,
but our home as well.  Late that November, we moved in with my brother and his
wife.  Bear in mind that my brother was the perpetrator of the incest I went
through as a child.  It was hellish living with him, and in December, my
parents finally found out about the abuse.

I won't go into all that happened after that.  We moved out, ended up in 
Kansas City, Kansas, I went back to school, decided I REALLY didn't want to
be there, dropped out, came home, and now I'm working full time and I'm enrolled
in a computer software training course.  Life is good.  And there it is: my life
history.  Well, there's more.  But I'll save that for page 4!

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