Thanks for continuing!

Well, now that you've made it to the second part of my page, I think I'll
reward you with some more information about the subject of this page: ME!
Sound a little self-centered?  Perhaps it is, but aren't I the reason you're
looking at this in the first place?  I thought so.  By the way, these are 
rhetorical questions, so if you're sitting there answering them, please
back slowly away from your computer and seek mental help.

First thing anyone should know about me is that I have a whacked sense of 
humor.  Very whacked.  I find humor in things that most people think are
just out and out stupid.  For example, if you're happy and you know it, 
CLAMP YOUR HAM!  And no, that's not meant to be dirty, just funny.  If you 
don't get it, well, never mind.  You're probably beyond help anyway.

Second thing anyone should know about me is that I am a very moody person.
I am manic depressive (I'll be adding a link to a page about that soon), so
it's difficult for me to know what my moods will be like, and next to 
impossible for my friends and family to know.  But I digress.  My point,
and I do have one, is that I'm very unpredictable regarding my moods.  You
know that song, Bitch, by Meredith Brooks, where it says, "Just when you
think you've got me figured out, the season's already changing."  That's me.

The third thing EVERYONE should know about me is that I'm crazy.  Not
clinically crazy, mind you.  Just "off your rocker, geez, you're strange"
crazy.  It can be fun.  One of the things Beverly, my best friend, and I do
is what we call our "lesbian sex act."  And no, I'm not a lesbian.  And neither
is Bev.  What we do, is in a crowded place (like, oh, Dillard's...on Father's
Day, for example) I say, "Dammit, Bev, sex just isn't enough anymore!"
Then Bev responds with, "But I give it to you every night!  Even when I'm 
tired!"  You should see some of the looks we get.  The men look at us like,
"Hmmmm..."  The women give us looks of disgust.  I guess even as lesbians,
we threaten them.  Everyone knows that all men want to see two women in bed

Anyway, this is all for my second page.  Beverly will have a page of her own
on here...follow her link at the bottom to see what makes her tick.  And
if you hang with me to a third page, I'll give you a gold star.  

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There's lots more to come, really.  Follow my links, and if you get bored,
follow other links.  You'll find something to do.  I have faith in you.

Live long and prosper.  *does the Vulcan thing that no one over the age of
40 can do*